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Fox Shock DPX2

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  1. Tuning and upgrade options fork for 2018-2021 Fox FLOAT DPX2 rear shocks

    FLOAT DPX2 are identified with horizontal comp & rebound knobs on opposite sides of the shock head

    Send us your rear shock and we will custom tune it to your bike, weight, terrain and riding style.  This service removes harshness & lag, increases support and brings a live and playful feel, increasing both support and compliance.
    Highly recommended to pair this with our Fox or Rockshox fork tunes.

    Includes calculations, labour, machining, consumables and fluids for rear shocks in good working condition.
    Optional air sleeve kit, eyelet bushings & volume spacers
    Excludes repairs & any additional repair parts

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  2. Fox DPX2/FLOAT X/DHX Air Service

    As low as: US$202.71

    Service pricing for 2009-2015 DHX Air, 2016-17 Fox FLOAT X, 2018-21 DPX2 and 2022+ FLOAT X piggy back rear shocks
    Includes labour, consumables (seals & fluids)
    Optional air sleeve kit, eyelet bushings & volume spacers
    Excludes additional repairs, repair parts and tuning parts
    Tuning package available separately here

    Shockcraft can also fit genuine FOX seal kits on request where these are available

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  3. Comprehensive service kit for Fox Float air shocks from 2000 onwards
    Includes Shockcraft's air sleeve kit, damper seal kit & Faux IFP valve stem kit with grease, oil & tools to make the job easier Learn More
  4. Faux IFP Valve Stem Kit (Shockcraft)

    From: US$27.55

    To: US$184.72

    Faux IFP Valve Stem Kit by Shockcraft
    Allows DIY service of Fox rear shocks from 2000 to current
    by replacing the rubber pellet IFP valve with a compact
    schrader valve.

    Shockcraft Part Code:  SC-FAUXFLO-IFP-KIT Learn More
  5. Air volume tuning kit for 2016-17 FLOAT X and 2018-21 DPX2 Shocks.
    Does not fit 2022+ FLOAT X.

    Fox Part Code: 803-01-251

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  6. Tool for easy removal of bearing cups, without damage, from Fox Float DPS & DPX2 rear shocks fitted with first generation 30 x 8 mm ball bearing cups
    No more screwdrivers! Learn More

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6 Item(s)