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  1. Fork drop-out adaptor ID: 10 mm, OD: 25 mm, Th: 6.09 mm, OD: 12.2 mm New Old Stock (NOS) Specialized Part Code: W205-0017 Learn More
  2. Fork Service Kit for Specialized E150 Forks

    From: US$26.32

    To: US$139.87

    Fork service kit containing fork wiper seal kit, fork oil, bushing lubricant, Slickoleum assembly grease and oil syringe
    Optional internal damper and air cartridge seal kits.

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  3. Fork service kit for Specialized E90 through S120 forks.
    These forks utilise a single leg brain cartridge for damper and air spring.

    Shockcraft kit contains SKF fork wiper seal kit & internal cartridge seals (damper and air-spring) with optional fork oil, bushing lubricant (Supergliss), Slickoleum assembly grease and oil syringe.

    Kit requires rear shock level expertise and tools to repair and rebuild.

    Damper settings:
    IFP Depth 47 mm for 120 mm; 43 mm for 90-100 mm.
    IFP pressure 100 psi.
    Air spring uses trapped negative air set during assembly.

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  4. Future Shock Carbon Crown Steerer - Black/Red (Specialized)

    Regular Price: US$137.73

    Special Price US$68.86

    Fork crown/stanchion/steerer tube units only - no internals or star nut
    1.5" tapered carbon crown & steerer with aluminium 32mm stanchions for 26" wheel
    New Old Stock (NOS)
    Specialized Part Code: W208-0759

    Fits E100/S90/S120 forks

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  5. Future Shock Fork Lowers - Black/Blue/White (Specialized)

    Regular Price: US$205.06

    Special Price US$68.86

    Fork lowers for Specialized FutureShock brain forks.
    Colours suit 2008 S-Works Safire
    51mm IS disc brake mounts
    Comes complete with new seals
    New Old Stock (NOS)
    Specialized Part Code: W208-0758

    32mm stanchions with spacing that matches Rockshox 32mm.  Can be installed on RS 32mm forks with some adaptation for lower bolts. Learn More
  6. Shockcraft replacement seal kit for Manitou fork 27mm air pistons.
    These are found in Manitou Nixon and Minute MARS forks.
    Replacement for out of production seal kit 141-28131-K023
    Fits pistons 141-25698 & 141-30416-K023

    Shockcraft Part Code:  KS-MAN-27mm-AIRSEAL
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  7. Adjustable travel air (ATA) knob for Specialized E150 fork 2008. Learn More
  8. Specialized E150 Fork Seal Kit

    From: US$4.59

    To: US$46.83

    Aftermarket fork seal wiper kit for Specialized E150 forks
    To replace Specialized fork seals with part code S207-0410
    These seals allow the use of the modern thicker bushing lubricants, such as Motorex Supergliss

    Kit includes two wiper seals and two foam rings.

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  9. Shockcraft complete shock o-ring kit to fit Specialized E150 forks
    Installation requires clamp blocks, many tools and paitience.
    Complete rebuild kit also available.

    Shockcraft Part Code:  KSI-SPEC-E150-ORING Learn More

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9 Item(s)