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  1. Fork Bushing Burnishing (Shockcraft)

    From: US$27.35

    To: US$41.02

    Final sizing and tolerancing of fork bushings to ensure minimal friction and maximum performance.  Cures issue of friction and stiction to improve small bump control.  Also reduces break-in time of a new fork to zero.
    Burnish sizes are carefully chosen to provide maximum oil film thickness without any knocking or noticable play.

    Available immediately for 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm and 36 mm forks.  Other sizes will have a slight delay as we manufacture tooling.

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  2. Replacement or resizing of fork bushings to fix looseness, knocking or play.  Includes burnishing to final size.

    Available immediately for 28.6 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm, 36 mm and 40 mm forks.  Other sizes will have a slight delay as we manufacture tooling.

    Note wiper seals need removed for this service and almost always require replacement.

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  3. Fork Silent Treatment (Shockcraft)

    From: US$129.90

    To: US$147.00

    Permanent repair of creaking and ticking noises from fork crowns.  Also improves fork stiffness.  Shockcraft have the technology and understanding to dismantle and reassemble fork crowns for permanent creak repair.

    Note that damaged crowns will be rejected.  This is not a repair for parts stretched or bent.

    Available immediately for RS Pike 35 mm, RS Lyrik 35 mm, RS 32 mm Fox 36 mm, Fox 34 mm, Fox 32 mm Manitou 34, 32 and 30 mm, MRP Ribbon 35mm  forks and more.  New sizes have a slight delay as we design and manufacture tooling.

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  4. A Shim Shuffle is changing the stock tune in a fork or shock damper to another factory pre-configured tune.  For example changing a medium tune to a firm tune or a soft tune.

    It is only available with a fork or shock service where factory tunes are published.  It does not include any shims or parts, they are charged separately if required.

    This charge is for shim shuffle as part of any compatible fork or shock service.

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4 Item(s)