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DT Swiss

Parts to fit DT Swiss suspension.

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  1. DT Swiss 32 mm Fork Seal Kit (SKF)


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    SKF Low Friction Fork Seal kit for DT Swiss 32 mm forks Learn More
  2. DT Swiss Air Can Bushing


    Available on backorder

    Fits DT Swiss M212/X313 & other DT rear shocks Learn More
  3. DT Swiss Controls Kit Nude X313


    Available on backorder

    DT Swiss Controls Kit X313
    Fits DT Swiss NUDE X313 shock with three stage lockout.
    Contains all lockout components except handlebar lever.

    DT Part Code: CWKXXXXX86212S Learn More
  4. Fits DT Swiss M210 rear shocks Learn More
  5. DT Swiss M212/X313 Rear Shock Seal Kit


    Available on backorder

    Fits DT Swiss M212 & X313 rear shocks Learn More
  6. DT Swiss Spherical Bearing


    In stock

    Application: DT Swiss Shock Mount ID: 10 mm, OD: 16 mm, Body W: 6 mm, Ball W: 7.5 mm DT Part Number: CWDXXXXN08079S Learn More
  7. Party Pack for Fork Service

    From: US$29.00

    To: US$176.74

    Get Super Smooth Suspension with Supergliss, Slickoleum & SKF Seals.  Our fork service party packs include the oils, grease and tools specially selected by Shockcraft to help make your forks run smoother.

    STEP 1: Buy fork service party pack & SKF seals (select your SKF kit/s here)
    STEP 2: Get together with your riding buddies & service forks
    STEP 3 (most important): Enjoy the ride!

    Motorex fork oils & lubricants are also available at a lower price in 1 & 4 litre refilled bottles

    Learn More

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7 Item(s)