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Tuning & Upgrades for Shocks

When you buy a new bike the suspension is usually set up for the average mountain bike rider, a person who doesn't actually exist but who would weigh 60-70 kg, ride at speeds of around 15-25 km/h on trails of modest roughness.  If this doesn't sound like you then your suspension isn't running the best it can.

We tune suspension differently to everyone else.  We have a unique tuning system that pulls customers in worldwide.  We also have unique modifications and insights which solve factory problems and let suspension work the way it should.

Try our Upgrade & Tuning Package for your fork to see what we have available for tuning and upgrades.

Shockcraft is a Vorsprung Elite Partner Tuning Centre and we offer Vorpsrung Tractive Tuning for the RockShox Monarch & Super Deluxe shocks.  All the Vorsprung upgrades available are listed here.

If you want to know more about what we can do to tune or upgrade your rear shock please contact us.