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Bike Shops & Trade Customers

Shockcraft ServiceWe offer legitimate bike shop and trade customers discounted rates on our products and services.  This is so shops and repairers can sell our products in volume to their customers.  Dealers can access our dealer pricing by logging in here.

How to Apply

To apply for a dealer login please complete the below application form and create an account on our dealer store here.  Note that once activated the dealer login will work for both our Shockcraft & Biken websites.


We do place restrictions on who we offer a dealer login.  Dealers need to be available and advertising service and products to the general public.  Evidence of this can include:
•   a bike related registered business/company
•   a bricks & mortar shop setup for bike rental/service/sales/retail
•   a website advertising bike products/services available to customers
•   a sign-written vehicle or other paid advertising

All dealers are initially put on a prepaid account.  This means all orders must be paid for prior to shipment.  Once dealers have successfully paid for at least 2 orders we may offer, at our discretion, sales on credit.  Payment is strictly due 20th of the month following date of invoice.  Please contact us for our credit application with terms and conditions.