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RockShox Zeb

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  1. Service, tuning and upgrade pricing for RockShox Zeb 2021+
    Includes labour, consumables and fluids
    Excludes wiper seals, repairs & repair parts

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  2. RockShox ZEB Charger 2.1 Damper RC2 (SRAM)


    Available Ex NZ Supplier 2 Days

    Damper Upgrade Kit CHARGER2.1 RC2 for Zeb A1+ 2021 (SRAM)
    Self contained charger2.1 damper for repair or upgrade from sub-par Charger R/RC versions.
    Adjustable 4 click High Speed Compression (HSC), 19 click Low Speed Compression (LSC) and Low Speed rebound (LSR)
    2021 Zeb A1 only.  Max 200mm travel.
    Includes adjuster knobs & foot bolt.

    SRAM Part Code: 00.4318.048.000

    Shockcraft can tune this damper for you before delivery.  This improves compliance, support and stability.  Details here for purchase of this damper tuned & modified.

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  3. Purchase a new Zeb A1 2021+ Charger 2.1 RC2 damper with Shockcraft Matrix Tune to upgrade your RockShox Zeb

    Our Matrix Tune & Unharsh Modifications for these dampers are for your weight, bike geometry and riding style.  We remove harshness, increase support and compliance, while providing a lively playful feel.

    Pricing & Availability
    This product is a new RockShox Zeb A1 2021+ Charger 2.1 RC2 damper with modifications & tuning, which includes labour, machining, new parts, consumables and fluids

    This damper can also be used to upgrade a 2023+ Zeb by removing the Charger 3 with buttercup.

    Damper SRAM Part Code: 00.4318.048.000

    Want your existing Charger damper tuned?
    You can also send us your existing Zeb Charger damper or fork for tuning.  Information and pricing is over here. Learn More
  4. Vorsprung Smashpot coil conversion system for RockShox Zeb 2021+ forks
    Includes adjustable hydraulic bottom-out system
    Spring rates available from 30-80 lb/in
    Requires strip down, tools and oil to install
    Can be installed as part of any Shockcraft service (book here)

    Ordered in from NZ supplier upon customer order.  Usually available approx 2 days lead-time.

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