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Service Info & Pricing

Manitou Jack SeatpostWe service virtually all brands of rebuildable dropper posts*, including Manitou Jack, RockShox Reverb & Reverb Stealth, Fox Transfer, KindShock, 9Point8 & Specialized Command posts.  We can offer, where available, new factory parts or new aftermarket parts.  Our range of dropper post parts can be purchased for at home service.  To find out more about what can go wrong with your dropper post & maintenance requirements click here.

Servicing is performed by trained staff in a clean work-shop using dedicated tools and the best fluids for each application.  Service costs are split into labour, fluids and parts.  Dropper post return is via insured & tracked courier (Post Haste or NZ Couriers), pickup (if local or passing through Central Otago) or drop off (Alexandra/Clyde shops only).

*Non-rebuildable dropper posts include Giant Contact, Bontrager, Cube & Shimano Koryak.

Direct or via your Local Bike Shop

We offer service direct to customers who are comfortable removing suspension & dropper posts from their bike.  For locals we are able to remove suspension/droppers from bikes at our workshop (there is a charge for this - see dropper post labour pricing - Other Charges). We also work with local bike shops (LBS) - so contact them to book a Shockcraft service.  When your LBS is servicing your bike is the ideal time to get your suspension or dropper post serviced too.

To book your dropper post service please complete a service booking form:

Lead Time & Service Queue

Our Service Queue Counter provides an indication of lead time for service jobs once they arrive at Shockcraft.*  This timeframe updates automatically depending on how many items are in the queue.  Our live service queue is available for you to see how your job is progressing through the queue.  When our service queue is longer (>2 weeks) our Book Now, Send Later service is a good option to shorten the time you are without your suspension or dropper post.

*Lead time is number of working days.  This timeframe is true at the time of booking but can change quickly if we have a rush of bookings.  We service parts in the order that they arrive, unless the Book Now, Send Later service has been used.  Delays may occur if we are awaiting parts for service or repair.  On our live service queue these jobs will be marked as position 0 in the queue.  We will do our best to keep you updated if there is such a delay.

Subscribe to Service Queue Notification

To be notified when our Service Queue gets shorter please complete the subscription form over here. You will be notified once only via email when the Service Queue reaches the length you have selected.

Getting Parts to Shockcraft

There are three options for getting your suspension or dropper post to us:
•   Drop Off : If you are based in Central Otago or passing through you are welcome to drop your suspension to us at 58 Boundary Road, Alexandra.
•   Carrier Kereru (Pigeon) Pickup: If you are too far to come visit then you can book our Shockcraft  Kereru and we'll arrange courier pickup of your suspension/dropper post (New Zealand based customers only - Kereru do not fly offshore).
•   Arrange Own Courier

Once you've booked your job we will email you a job number and a Shockcraft address label with checklist so you know what to do next.  We will notify you via email when your parts arrive and when your service is complete.  In between we will contact you if we have any questions.

Carrier Kereru

Service Pricing

The nature and cost of service depends on your dropper post model.  Click on service options below for pricing information.

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  1. Dropper Post Service Labour Pricing

    From: US$20.30

    To: US$192.86

    The nature and cost of service depends on the specific dropper post model, it's unique issues and prior maintenance schedule.

    If you're not sure what type of service is required please contact us or we can make a recommendation after inspection of the dropper post.  Repair work is additional to a normal service.  We will always call and discuss before proceeding with any repair work.

    These rates are for labour only and exclude repair.
    Parts, oil & freight are additional and vary depending on the brand & model and the problems found.

    Learn More
  2. Normally you book your fork, shock or dropper post for a Shockcraft service and send it when you can.  We service parts in the order that they arrive.  In busy times this can mean up to a month with a bike in pieces and no riding.

    With our new Book Now, Send Later option you can keep your place in the queue and we tell you when we need your fork, shock or dropper.  Use our Carrier Kereru (Pigeon) Pickup service and we'll organise courier collection.  This can bypass much of the downtime.

    See our Terms & Conditions below. Learn More
  3. RockShox Reverb Dropper Post Service

    From: US$164.44

    To: US$418.38

    Full service pricing for RockShox Reverb dropper posts Excludes repair & repair parts Learn More

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