Service Info & Pricing

Shockcraft is the New Zealand agent for Manitou suspension.  We also offer independent servicing of forks, rear shocks and dropper posts from all major brands.

Servicing is available from periodic maintenance to full strip and service.  We can offer, where available, new factory parts, new aftermarket parts and sometimes good used parts for older obselete models.

Servicing is performed by trained staff in a clean work-shop using dedicated tools and the best fluids for each application.  Service costs are split into labour, fluids and parts.  Rear shock return is via insured & tracked courier (Post Haste or NZ Couriers); pickup/dropoff is by appointment only.

Current Service Queue

To book your rear shock service please complete a rear shock service booking form:

Manitou Warranty Service & Repairs

If you have a Manitou rear shock that requires service or repair under warranty please contact the shop or dealer it was purchased from.  They will contact us and arrange service.Manitou McLeod


Service Pricing

The nature and cost of service depends on your specific suspension model, it's unique issues and prior maintenance schedule.  We are happy to provide an estimate but final prices can only be known once a component has been fully stripped for service.

Our rear shock service pricing schedule is below.  If you're not sure what type of service you require we can make a recommendation after inspection of your rear shock.  Repair work is additional to a normal service.  We will always call and discuss before proceeding with any repair work.

These rates are for labour only.  Parts, oil & freight are additional and vary depending on the brand & model and the problems found.

Rear Shock Service Labour Rates

  Price incl GST Price excl GST Details

Standard Service



Basic strip, clean, oil change & vacuum bleed* for inline rear shocks.  Includes air sleeve service and bushing service if required.

Standard Service Plus


More involved strip, clean, oil change & vacuum bleed* for shocks such as Manitou S-Type, Radium, Swinger, Swinger 3way, that take a little more to service.  Includes air sleeve service and bushing service if required.

Piggy Back Service



Basic strip, clean, oil change & vacuum bleed* for piggy back rear shocks.  Includes air sleeve service and bushing service if required.

Twin Tube Service


Strip, clean, oil change & vacuum bleed* for twin tube rear shocks e.g. Cane Creek Double Barrel RockShox Vivid, Ohlins TTX, Romic etc.  Includes air sleeve service and bushing service if required.

Complicated Service



In-depth strip, clean & service, including vacuum bleed*.  Required for repair of leaks through top knobs etc. Includes air sleeve service and bushing service if required.

Brain Shock Service


Intensive strip, clean, oil change, air seal change & vacuum bleed* for Brain shocks & Brain mechanism.  Includes bushing service if required.

Minor Service



De-gas & recharge for shock head repair.  Example is rebound knob repair/ replacement.

Vacuum Bleed & Re-gas


Only applies to shocks that have already been completely stripped & cleaned prior to reaching us.

Air Sleeve Seals
& Lubricate




Replacement and cleaning of rear shock air sleeve seals & lubricant.

Air Sleeve
Inspect & Lubricate


Air sleeve clean, inspection & lubrication, without seal change.

*vacuum bleeding where possible.