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Parts to fit X-Fusion suspension.

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  1. Flanged bushings for shock eyelets
    Installed as a pair with o-rings (not included) for new fitment or repair
    Straight replacement for similar bushings from Fox, Trelleborg etc

    Note these have a tighter ID than Fox & IGUS
    They can be reamed to size after installation if they are too tight

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  2. 1/2" Low Friction Flanged Bushing Pair (Fox)


    Available on backorder

    Fox Flanged bushings for shock eyelets
    Installed as a pair with o-rings (not included) for repair
    Straight replacement for genuine Fox flanged bushings provided the pin isn't worn

    If you have a worn pin causing a knock, then use the green versions which have a tighter ID

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  3. DROPT Dropper Remote (Cane Creek)


    Available on backorder

    Cane Creek Part Code: BAE0050 Learn More
  4. Fits X-Fusion Hilo 100 mm seatposts with 22 mm shaft X-Fusion Part Code: 42-HILOSEAL-101 Learn More
  5. Hilo 100 Seatpost 25 mm Shaft Seal Kit (X-Fusion)


    Available on backorder

    Fits X-Fusion Hilo 100/125 mm seatposts with 25 mm shaft X-Fusion Part Code: 42-HILOSEAL-201 Learn More
  6. X-Fusion Part Code: 42-02 SERIES-AIR-101 Learn More
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  7. Party Pack for Fork Service

    From: US$21.93

    To: US$174.43

    Get Super Smooth Suspension with Supergliss, Slickoleum & SKF Seals.  Our fork service party packs include the oils, grease and tools specially selected by Shockcraft to help make your forks run smoother.

    STEP 1: Buy fork service party pack & SKF seals (select your SKF kit/s here)
    STEP 2: Get together with your riding buddies & service forks
    STEP 3 (most important): Enjoy the ride!

    Motorex fork oils & lubricants are also available at a lower price in 1 & 4 litre refilled bottles

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