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  1. Clamp Block Forks & Shocks (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    Fork and shock shaft clamp block
    Etched part code:  172-31242
    Sizes 16.3, 14, 12.6, 12, 10 & 8mm
    For most Manitou forks and shocks

    Manitou Part Code:  172-31464 Learn More
  2. Damper Bleed Tool Kit (Manitou)


    Backorder ex-USA

    Cartridge damper bleeding tool kit
    For bleeding cartridge fork and rear shock dampers.  Including Mezzer, Dorado, Mara Pro etc.
    Can also fit other brands mineral oil brakes, dropper posts etc.
    Contains bleed syringes, M5 point fitting, M5 o-ring fittings, M8 o-ring fittings, tube and a torx driver.
    For use with mineral oil only (no DOT fluid).
    Packaged in a clip top plastic tub.

    Manitou Part Code 141-30694-K020

    Learn More
  3. Keychain tool for rear shock service Manitou Part Code: 83-2694 Learn More
  4. Manitou SPV Valve Stem Kit (Shockcraft)

    From: US$4.30

    To: US$101.11

    Manitou SPV Valve Stem Kit by Shockcraft
    Replaces Manitou 83-2233 SPV Shock & Fork valve stems.
    M7x0.75mm thread, fits with a 5mm hex key,

    Shockcraft Part Code:  SC-SPV-M7-VALVE-KIT Learn More
  5. Rear Shock ISX-X4 SVR Tool (Manitou)


    No Longer Available

    Five-sided tool for removal of damper plugs in Swinger X4 & ISX rear shocks New Old Stock (NOS) Manitou Part Code: 83-3236 Learn More
    • Out of stock

  6. Manitou Part Code: 142-37512-K037 Learn More
  7. Rockshox Shock Pump 300 psi (SRAM)


    Available on backorder

    Rockshox fork & shock pump 300 psi max (SRAM)

    SRAM Part Code:  00.4315.023.010 Learn More
  8. Rockshox Shock Pump 600 psi (SRAM)


    Last One Left

    Rockshox fork & shock pump 600 psi max (SRAM)

    SRAM Part Code:  00.4315.023.030 Learn More
  9. Shock Pump 300 psi (Manitou)


    In Stock

    0 to 300 psi Manitou Part Code: 85-4162 Learn More
  10. Valve Core Removal Tool


    In Stock

    Valve Core Removal Tool
    Screwdriver type for removing schrader valve cores.
    Works on forks, shocks and schrader tyre valves.

    Shockcraft part code:  T-SCHRADER-CORE Learn More

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10 Item(s)