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  1. Manitou Jack 2022 Dropper Post 30.9 mm x 185 mm

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    30.9 mm diameter & 185 mm travel version of the 2022 Manitou Jack Dropper Post

    Focus on the ride, allow the Jack to hold your saddle exactly where you set it!

    The 2022 Manitou Jack dropper post is available in three drop options – 185 mm, 160 mm, and 80 mm – for improved handling when you need it.
    Available in 30.9 and 31.6 mm diameters, the Jack includes a Manitou under bar lever which features a cartridge bearing for smooth, precise operation.
    To further the smooth operation and setup on the 185 mm and 160 mm post the included 1.1 mm cable with Manitou specific cable head negates the use of the cable clamp, allowing all the cable tension adjustment to be completed on the lever side.
    80 mm post use a standard derailleur cable for its lever side adjustments.

    Note: photos are of a 31.6 mm/160 mm 2022 Manitou Jack dropper post

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1 Item(s)