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  1. Full service and fully engineered tuning pricing for Ohlins RXF34 and RXF36 forks with STX22 or TTX22 dampers.
    Completely changes how air spring and damper functions.  Fixes harshness, wallowing and deadness.
    Service kit works for all internals (air, coil, TTX22, STX22, TTX18 etc etc).
    Optional high flow piston kit works for TTX22 and STX22 versions only.

    You will need to send the entire forks to us for tuning.

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  2. Full service and Custom Tune pricing for Ohlins RXF34, RXF36 & DH38 forks with TTX18 dampers
    Completely changes how air spring functions and optional damper tuning
    Service kit works for all internals (air, coil, TTX22, STX22, TTX18 etc etc)

    You will need to send the fork or damper cartridge to us for tuning

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  3. Rockeater Tune for Ohlins DH38 2018+ with TTX18 damper

    This is a preconfigured set of modifications and internal tuning which is targeted at 70-80 kg riders who like to ride rough stuff fast without getting beaten
    They have enough range to also work great for riders from 60-90 kg
    But even outside those limits they're better than anything you'll find factory

    The Rockeater Tunes are based on our Matrix & Custom Tune series, incorporating Unharsh Modifications where needed.  But it's simpler.  There are no calculations or data needed.  Just send us either your fork or damper.  We will service, install and dyno test to make sure it's running perfectly.

    As the Rockeater Tunes are a one-size-fits-all upgrade, they provide the same performance and improvements for any future owners, preserving your investment.

    Custom Tune
    If you want the full experience of the Custom Tune for the Ohlins DH38 mm we still do these too.  Information and pricing for the Ohlins TTX18 damper Custom Tune is here.

    Send in either your whole fork or damper only
    Rockeater Tune pricing includes labour for tuning & service (damper only or whole fork) and consumables, with optional wiper seals
    Excludes repairs, repair parts and optional upgrades
    Optional upgrades and spare parts shown Learn More

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