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Supergliss Lubricating Oil 250 to 1000 cc (Motorex)

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Motorex SuperGliss lubricating oil used for lubricating fork lower leg bushings and air chambers.
Supergliss 100K is 100 cSt @ 40°C
Supergliss 68K is 68 cSt @ 40°C
Supergliss 32K is 32 cSt @ 40°C

Always respect the manufacturers oil volumes.  Do not use Supergliss in fork dampers.

Perfect replacement for:
Manitou Semi-bath oil
Rockshox 0W30 oil
Fox 20 wt Gold oil &
fork oils used as bushing lube or bath oil

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SuperGliss is a vertical slideway lube produced by Motorex in Switzerland.  It is thick and sticky to adhere to the fork bushings and very slippery to offer close to zero friction or stiction.  It is the best lubricant we have found for fork bushings.

It is used as splash bath oil to lubricate the lower leg bushings in forks specifiying up to 40cc per leg.  But always respect the manufacturers oil volumes.

Motorex SuperGliss can be used where any of the following are specified:
Manitou Semi-Bath oil.
Rockshox 0w30
Fox 20 wt Gold

It should also be used for older forks where small volumes of fork oil were specified as bushing lube:
15 wt fork oil
10 wt fork oil
7.5 wt fork oil
5 wt fork oil
2.5 wt fork oil etc.

It should not be used to fill dampers as it is far too thick.
In below freezing conditions it can thicken up too much and push past wiper seals.  Use Polar Lube for very cold conditions.
It will push past fork seals not designed to hold back thick and tacky oils.  Use Motorex 15wt fork oil for those applications. 
Tested to work perfectly with seals from Manitou, Rockshox, SKF and Trelleborg.