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Bulk Oil - Motorex Lube Oils

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Provide your own clean oil bottle and we'll refill with Motorex Supergliss or Fully Synthetic lube oil from our bulk oil drums
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Try our simple fork oil selection charts to find out which oil you need for your brand of fork, terrain, climate and riding.

Supergliss Lubricating Oil 100K:
Motorex Supergliss used for lubricating fork lower leg bushings and air chambers.
Supergliss is a vertical slideway lube produced by Motorex in Switzerland.  It is thick and sticky to adhere to the fork bushings and very slippery to offer close to zero friction or stiction.  It is the best lubricant we have found for fork bushings. It is used as splash bath oil to lubricate the lower leg bushings in forks specifiying up to 40cc per leg.  But always respect the manufacturers oil volumes.

Fully Synthetic Fork Bushing Lubricant:
Motorex Fully Synthetic lubricating oil for air pistons and suspension forks lower leg bushings.
This is a slightly less awesome lubricant than Motorex Supergliss but works over a wider temperature range and is better in the cold.  Pour Point -48°C.