Fork Service Kit for RockShox 35 mm Forks

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Fork service kit containing fork seal kit (select either SKF or SRAM), fork oil, bushing lubricant, Slickoleum assembly grease, oil syringe & optional seal press tool


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Kit containing all the essentials for servicing your RockShox Boxxer (2010+), Domain, Lyrik, Yari & Pike (2014+) forks.

Additional Information
Fork Seal Kit

SKF RockShox 35 mm Fork Seal Kit: SKF Low Friction Fork Seal kit for RockShox 35 mm stanchioned forks, includes 2 flangeless seals, 2 foam rings and 4 crush washers (2 x 8 mm & 2 x 15 mm).

RockShox 35 mm Boxxer Fork Seal Kit (SKF): SKF Low Friction Fork Seal kit for RockShox Boxxer 35 mm stanchioned forks, includes 2 outer flanged seals, 2 inner seals, 2 foam rings and 4 crush washers (2 x 8 mm & 2 x 15 mm).

SRAM RockShox 35 mm Fork Seal Kit: includes 2 replacement flangeless wiper seals, 2 foam rings, 2 crush washers & 2 crush washer retainers for RockShox 35 mm stanchioned forks.

These flangeless seals provide a tighter fit into the lower leg (to resist popping out with internal air leaks) which makes them more difficult to install than flanged seals
We recommend the use of a seal press tool for installation.

Fork Oil

250 cc of Motorex fork oil available in two weights:

2.5 wt - standard option (equivalent to RockShox 5 wt)
5 wt - heavy duty option

Note: oils are only available for shipping to New Zealand addresses. 

Bushing Lubricant

Motorex Supergliss 100k is an extra thick and slippery lubricating oil designed to cling to vertical surfaces.
Note: In below freezing conditions Supergliss can thicken up too much and push past wiper seals.  Use Polar Lube for very cold conditions.

Motorex Fully Synthetic Lubricating Oil works very well as a bushing lubricant for suspension fork lower legs.  It is the best all-round performer, with Supergliss better in the warm (10°C and above) and Polar Lube Oil better in the cold (0°C and below).

Motorex Polar Lube Oil
is ideal for cold conditions.  At 0°C it is 45% thinner than our normal Motorex Fully Synthetic and almost 60% thinner than Supergliss.

Assembly Grease Slickoleum is a premium assembly lubricant specially formulated by Arlo Englund, the inventor of Slick Honey. This grease is perfect for lubricating seals and bushings while rebuilding forks.
Oil Syringes

Medical grade syringes available with or without the annoying questions the chemists always ask. Syringes only, no needles. Supplied with 10 cm clear tube for oil pickup (other tube lengths available on request).

Please note that some fluids (particularly brake fluids) can attack the plastic and rubber in these syringes so they can have a limited life. We strongly recommend using different syringes for brakes and forks. Brake fluid is not good for your forks and fork oil is not good for your brakes.

Seal Press Tool

Seal Press Tool 35 mm (RWC): single ended tool for pressing wiper seals into 35 mm stanchioned forks.
Seal Press Tool 35 & 36 mm (RWC): double ended tool for pressing wiper seals into 35 or 36 mm stanchioned forks.

Work with flanged and flangeless wiper seals.
Keep seals straight and set depth flush with top of fork casting in one hit.
Prevent damage to seals and forks.
Manufactured by Real World Cycling (RWC).