COVID-19: Shockcraft Current Services

COVID-19: Shockcraft Current Services

Posted in News By Dougal & Ellen Hiscock  26 March 2020 5:11:04 pm NZDT

In case you missed it, New Zealand is currently in lockdown for COVID-19 for at least the next 4 weeks.  Unlike in the UK, the NZ Government does not consider bike maintenance to be an essential service.  It has also been confirmed today that NZ online businesses may not operate and send out orders during the lockdown.  This means we are currently unable to courier orders or receive suspension/dropper posts for service.  We are still accepting orders and service bookings through our website but these will not be able to be sent out or serviced until the current restrictions ease.  The exceptions to this are our virtual products: converters & calculators and Shockcraft vouchers.

We (Dougal & Ellen) will continue to work in self-isolation from home for Shockcraft and our customers. Our other staff (Kara, Holly & Ben) will be at home with their families.  Communication is best by email and any incoming freight that does get through has been redirected to our home instead of the usual Shockcraft address.

Prior to the lockdown Dougal was able to clear a large number of the parts in for service, but unfortunately there are some forks, shocks & droppers that will remain at Shockcraft until the lockdown ends.

In the meantime you can browse over 3000 products on our website and plan your next bike maintenance by adding to your wishlist.  We have a number of calculators and technical articles, including our 1 page suspension setup guide.

We will keep you updated on our Shockcraft blog.  Please sign up to our newsletter here if you would like to receive updates.

Look after yourselves & your family.  Keep safe.

Dougal and Ellen
Owners & Operators of Shockcraft