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Specialized Fox Micro Brain

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  1. Specialized Fox Micro Brain Shock Service

    From: US$193.59

    To: US$248.29

    Full service pricing for Specialized Fox Micro Brain 2010-17 shocks

    Includes a full damper and air spring service, with seal kit & consumables
    Excludes repair & repair parts Learn More
  2. Clamp block for servicing Fox & RockShox Micro Brain rear shocks
    Designed and manufactured by Shockcraft
    CNC machined from aluminium for a solid clamp with no scratching
    4 clamp sizes - 12 to 27 mm

    Shockcraft Part Code: SC-CLAMP-SPEC-MICROBRAIN-V1 Learn More
  3. Comprehensive service kit for Specialized Fox Micro Brain air shocks from 2011-2017
    Includes Shockcraft's complete air and damper seal kit, Faux IFP valve stem kit with grease, oil & tools to make the job easier

    Learn More
  4. Shockcraft complete air and oil seal kit to fit Specialized Fox Micro Brain rear shocks from 2010-17.

    PDF showing contents of kit is available here.  Installation requires specialised tooling, knowledge and a vacuum bleeder.

    We can service these shocks for you.  Details on service costs are over here.

    Shockcraft Part Code: KS-SPEC-MICRO-BRAIN Learn More
  5. 5 g squeeze tube of Slickoleum assembly grease Learn More
  6. 4 ounce tube of Slickoleum assembly grease Learn More
  7. 15 ounce tub of Slickoleum assembly grease Learn More
  8. Faux IFP Valve Stem Kit (Shockcraft)

    From: US$30.77

    To: US$185.13

    Faux IFP Valve Stem Kit by Shockcraft
    Allows DIY service of Fox rear shocks from 2000 to current
    by replacing the rubber pellet IFP valve with a compact
    schrader valve.

    Shockcraft Part Code:  SC-FAUXFLO-IFP-KIT Learn More
  9. IFP Pellet for Fox shocks using needle inflation system.
    6.5mm diameter.

    Shockcraft Part Code:  SC-IFP-PELLET-6.5 Learn More
  10. Motorex 7.5 wt fork oil - 35 cSt @ 40°C

    Available in 250 ml or 1 L bottles
    Also available at a lower price in 1 & 4 litre refilled bottles

    Learn More
  11. Valve Core Removal Tool


    In stock

    Valve Core Removal Tool
    Screwdriver type for removing schrader valve cores.
    Works on forks, shocks and schrader tyre valves.

    Shockcraft part code:  T-SCHRADER-CORE Learn More
  12. 30 ml Oil Syringe - for fork filling & brake bleeding Learn More
  13. Shock Pump 300 psi (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    0 to 300 psi Manitou Part Code: 85-4162 Learn More

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13 Item(s)