Mountain Biking Otago (MBO)

Mountain Biking OtagoA group of enthusiasts founded the Dunedin Mountain Bike Club in 1989.  The initial publicity for the club promoted "getting out and about rather than just talking about it" with meetings kept as informal as possible.  On 13 September 1996, the club became an incorporated society officially know as Mountain Biking Otago Inc.  Information about the club, trails, events, member deals & how to join is available here.

The purpose of the club is to: promote and develop mountain biking as a recreational pursuit and competitive sport in the Otago region.

The club objectives are:

•   To be a pro-active advocate for issues affecting recreational and competitive mountain bikers in Otago, in particular to work for improved land and trail access for mountain biking; and
•   Tto promote responsible mountain biking and in particular, adherence to nationally recognised 'Off Road Codes' by all mountain bikers.

MTB Club Offer

Special Offer for Mountain Biking Otago Members

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To book your service please complete a service booking form and provide us a copy of your Mountain Biking Otago club membership confirmation email with your parts as proof of membership:

Service, Tuning & Upgrade Options

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DIY Service

If you prefer to do the work yourself Shockcraft has the best range of fluids, seals and consummables to ensure your bike works well in the Otago winter & summer extremes.  To receive the 10% discount on all service parts on this website use at checkout the discount code provided by Mountain Biking Otago.  Please email us a copy of your Mountain Biking Otago club membership confirmation email as proof of membership.

The Small Print - Terms & Conditions*

•    Proof of current Mountain Biking Otago membership will be required prior to receipt of parts or serviced parts.
•    Our Service Terms and Conditions apply.
•    "Frame bearings" includes suspension bearings, headset bearings and bottom bracket bearings.
•    These discounts do not apply to: custom machining, custom parts, custom shock hardware, custom axles, service & tuning labour, any other labour charges, Manitou forks, shocks or dropper posts.
•    Shockcraft reserves the right to change these conditions & discount rates.