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Bike of the Month June 2022

Bike of the Month June 2022

Posted in News Bike of the Month By Shockcraft & Biken  16 June 2022 9:57:07 am NZST

Bike of the Month June 2022 - Simon's Evil Calling with Tuned Fox 36 GRIP2

How do you finish off a top-shelf bike build?  With custom tuning so your fork does exactly what you need exactly when you need it.  Simon's 2020 Fox F36 had the first generation GRIP2 damper which suffers from harshness on square edged hits and has a lot of dead clicks which make setup very difficult.

With our tune for the Fox GRIP2 Simon's fork damper had the restrictions fixed to take out the harshness and it was custom tuned to his weight, terrain, bike geometry and riding style.  We also burnished the bushings to make it slide correctly and reassembled with Motorex oils and SKF seals for great improvements in friction.  No air-spring mods yet.

These first generation GRIP2's are extremely sensitive to tune with only 0.05 mm assembly height making the difference between a good tune and missing the targets.  This one took 6 revalves to find the perfect result.   We're the only ones worldwide doing this and that is why.

Bike of the Month June 2022 with Tuned Fox 36Simon's feedback:
Thought I’d drop you a quick note now after a weekend riding on the newly-tuned fork (while it’s still fresh in my mind). Two things really struck me - the fork’s suppleness and it’s use of travel.

It felt so much smoother in the rough - amazing really - and noticeably better tracking and grip as well. It does seem to use full travel more often (determined from O ring position) but I haven’t actually felt it bottom out. My initial thought was “it’s using too much travel”, but I’m not so sure now - so long as I don’t feel any harsh bottoming I think it will be perfect.*

A newly serviced fork always feels great - as I never notice the creeping deterioration between services! However, the custom tune added another feeling again onto that - noticeably less vibration through my hands and a slightly more planted feeling on rough/tech made me wish I’d got that custom tune for the last set of forks I’d had serviced!!

*Many riders are scared of using most of their travel most of the time. But don't be. With the right suspension tune your bike will stay stable and level between bumps while using it's travel to eat bumps and being 100% predictable. It is only poor suspension tunes which need locked down tight to stay in control.

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