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Trek Rail "Deaktiv" Conversion with Marzocchi Bomber CR Coil

Trek Rail "Deaktiv" Conversion with Marzocchi Bomber CR Coil

Posted in News By Shockcraft  17 May 2023 2:18:32 pm NZST

Trek "Deaktiv" ConversionShockcraft's "Deaktiv" Conversion kits fit your choice of shock to your Trek Rail, Fuel, Remedy or Slash.  These kits upgrade the weird Reaktiv shocks with standard sizes that bolt straight in and feel consistent and are tunable.

Designed and made in New Zealand but sold worldwide, our stainless steel conversion pins fit with stock alloy or our stainless heavy duty bolts. The pins feature a hidden internal hex for fast and easy removal. If you are big or ride hard you'll want the heavy duty stainless steel bolts to prevent bolt breakages and resulting frame damage.

The Marzocchi Bomber CR pictured is custom built to fit a Trek Rail. The piggy-back reservoir is shortened to clear the downtube and the stroke reduced to match stock. With Shockcraft Deaktiv pins fitted it's a straight bolt-in. Custom damper tuning is also available.

Remedy, Slash & Fuel are even easier.

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