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Hayes Dominion - 3 Years Later - NSMB Review

Hayes Dominion - 3 Years Later - NSMB Review

Posted in News By Shockcraft & Biken  3 April 2023 11:35:17 am NZST

How does the Hayes Dominion hold up after three and a half years?  Andrew Major from NSMB has been putting them to the test on the iconic steep and rocky trails of the North Shore since November 2019.

Check out what he has to say:

"From my viewpoint, these are the easiest brakes I've ridden in terms of maintaining grip down steep, greasy, janky North Shore trails without the benefit of suspension. It's a bonus that they still work like new."

"There aren't many bicycle products and certainly no other brakes I can think of that feel like new after this much trail time with this little maintenance. The only thing that comes to mind is my Chris King bottom bracket - and that takes longer to re-grease than it takes me to bleed these brakes."

"I had considered doing another teardown piece, but really what's the point if they work like new after a basic bleed? Hayes even offered to send a rebuild kit for the calipers, but all eight pistons still move freely."

"They're not sexy, but they're smooth, strong, and ultra-reliable. Plus, they are a fast favorite of everyone who gives them a shot and they still seem fresh almost three-and-a-half years into our relationship."

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Hayes Dominion Review