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Limited Edition Purple Hayes Dominion Brakes

Limited Edition Purple Hayes Dominion Brakes

Posted in News By Shockcraft & Biken  4 April 2023 9:29:14 pm NZST
Purple HayesWe're excited to announce the release of the Limited Edition Hayes Dominion A4 “Purple Hayes” Brake Kit.

The new Hayes Purple pays homage to the legendary Purple Hayes from 2000.  It links over 2 decades of brake development back to the original Hayes Disc Brakes, which are still competitive today.

The original Purple Hayes were an immediate success in 2000, as much for their loud colorway as for their bombproof zinc construction, and quickly gained cult status amongst those in the know.

While the purple colorway wasn’t seen on the professional circuit, the same 2-piece zinc DH master cylinder bodies were on the top teams of the time (Specialized-Mountain Dew, Volvo-Cannondale, Trek-Volkswagen, Tomac Racing, Maxxis, Foes, Fisher, Be-One Racing, Haro, Mongoose and several others) only in the stock color, Champagne, with purple logos.  Eventually this same brake garnered such attention that a version was made available to the public, in a purple anodization, a play off of the purple Hayes logo on the team version.

The Limited Edition Hayes Dominion A4 “Purple Hayes” Brake Kits are a fitting celebratory piece of not only the iconic past product but a fantastic way to commemorate what an impact Hayes has made over its 25-year history in the cycling world.

Revolutionizing the Mountainbike industry with the introduction of some of the sports very first hydraulic braking systems in 1997 led the way to setting standards that shaped the sport from its infancy to current day.

Hayes was instrumental in developing the standards around performance, rotor sizes, mounting hardware, mounting dimensions, open systems, fixed caliper, radial mount and slotted adjustments among others.  Parallel to developing the standards, Hayes worked diligently with OEMS to integrate these standards and with suspension manufacturers to set testing standards.

Innovations followed, some setting standards, others providing proprietary technology that would dictate what not only a hydraulic disc brake was but what an advanced one should look and operate like.  Launching the original Hayes Mag was just the first step in a long tradition of continuous innovation that has never slowed down and still has a valid claim on producing the finest, most reliable and top performing brake on the market.

Purple Hayes, blowing minds from 1997 straight through to the current day… Get yours quickly as quantities are limited!

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